Irish Music of New Orleans


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Irish Songs for New Orleans

Irish Songs for New Orleans

Celtic American musician Marc Gunn’s sojourn in New Orleans has resulted in an almost inevitable jazz/blues influence on his music.  While still working in his Irish and Scottish music roots, Gunn pays tribute to the City that Care Forgot in this collection of songs that may stray from trad forms but retain the resonance of the originals.

Marc Gunn is just the latest addition to the Celtic community here. Being the champion of the Celtic MP3s, he is giving away a free CD of Irish and Celtic music. This compilation features some of the best independent Irish songs, both original and traditional and is a beautiful peek into the Irish musical culture of the city.

The album is available as a free download right here (40.7MB  Zip File)

Or you can support independent Irish music. Buy the CD now.
Because New Orleans Irish Music needs to be heard.


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